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I grew up around food. My family owned and operated a family resort on Glen Lake, MI. We served breakfast and dinner to 80-90 guests every day all summer long. My mother—resort owner, manager, hostess and chef extraordinaire—did it all, and I tagged along. Before I was tall enough to see over the countertops, I was wearing an apron and wielding a rolling pin. 

After summers of careful observation of my mother’s pastry work, I was barely a teenager when I became in charge of making the pies, birthday cakes, and other specialty pastries for our guests.

After years of living in a busy kitchen amongst clashing dishes, busy waitresses, and glorious food, I went off to Indiana University’s business school in hopes of one day coming back to run the family business, or at least one like it. Because my family chose to sell the resort, I chose a corporate finance job in Chicago. While I quickly discovered that the office life was not for me, those years in college and then in Chicago did not go wasted: I met my best friend, Michael, who begged me to marry him.

In addition, I finished up a culinary degree at Kendall College of Chicago. After exploring the food world via culinary school and then starting a food blog, I began to realize my passion for pastry. Friends and family began requesting my expertise in menu development and then dessert bars for weddings, showers and birthday parties. During that same time, my husband landed a job in my hometown. My dreams were becoming a reality.

It’s unbelievable to me that I’ve moved back to my hometown and am doing something I love. Those years of rolling out pie dough and working in the pastry kitchen at my family’s resort are finally put to good use.